FANS install 8

Installation view: Feel After the New See, 2018, MDF, paint, speaker cloth, HD video, black tea & pomegranate reed diffuser.

Current & Upcoming 2018:

17th February – 19th May – Feel After the New See, solo exhibition at The Hatton Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne.

20th April, 6-9pm – Feeling After Structure – a Live Action Role Play designed by artist Sarah Jury with consultation from Hamish MacPherson to take place within Feel After the New See.

21st April, 2-4pm – Rotation Process – an afternoon of film screenings and performances taking place within Feel After the New See. With contributions from Amber Films, Ella Bergmann-Michel, Tess Denman-Cleaver, Fiona Larkin, Kate Liston, and Liz Pavey.

26th April, 7pm – Bone Meal: Performance Night – Glasgow International. An evening of performances and readings by the artists exhibiting at The Hidden Gardens, Tramway. Invited to perform by Bone Meal artist Aideen Doran.